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We’re passionate about crafting authentic marketing campaigns to help San Diego businesses grow. Whether you have a clear digital marketing plan but not enough manpower to see it through or you still can’t figure out how to log into the Facebook profile your ex-employee made for you, Reader Digital Agency is here to help. We work closely with our clients to help them navigate the digital space with a message that accurately tells their story and, most importantly, brings them business.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Not a problem. Our team will take a look at your existing digital footprint (we call this an audit) and happily provide you with a list of priorities and recommendations that will help point you in the right direction. There is no charge or obligation for an audit — we just need some basic information about your business.


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From Our Blog:

February 2018

If you ask the average Instagram user who they follow, they’ll probably mention their friends and family, a couple of public figures, and a handful of local restaurants, bars, breweries and coffee shops. While many people think of Yelp as the best platform for drawing locals to a business, Instagram has given Yelp a run for its money,

January 2018

The permits are in place, the sign has finally been painted on the building, and the staff has been fully trained and is ready for the first customer. As a business owner, you’ve made sure to check off every little detail on your to-do list before opening your doors to the public. But how many of those items on your checklist pertained to your business’s digital presence?

It’s official: the digital world has shifted from the desktop computer to the mobile device. As of 2016, more people search on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) than computers. With mobile usage now accounting for 60 percent of time spent using digital media, it’s clear

Search Engine Optimization used to be a game of sly tricks and brazen shortcuts. SEO experts worked tirelessly pulling rabbits out of hats and cards from up their sleeves, doing everything necessary to pull one over on innocent old Google. But it’s time to pack up the magic wand because those days are gone. Today, content is king in SEO.

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Wait, isn’t the Reader a Magazine?

Well, yes, sort of. The San Diego Reader is an alternative newsweekly; and after 45 years, it’s the largest alt weekly in the nation. But as we watched the world become more and more digital, we realized how important it would be for our business to have a strong online presence. With this in mind, we put a lot of time and effort into building what is now a hugely successful and profitable digital revenue stream.

Many of our clients also understand how important the digital space has become but lack the time or experience needed to navigate it successfully. Due to demand, we started slowly helping local businesses with their digital needs – and the rest is history. Today, Reader Digital Agency harnesses its creative superpowers to help more than 100 San Diego businesses boost their online visibility and turn their neighbors into paying customers.

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Our team is passionate about telling your unique story in a way that actually helps your business to grow.
Oh, and we’re pretty fun to work with.

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