2018 Guide to Organic SEO

Brandon Keller   •   March 2, 2018

Organic SEO strategy is constantly evolving, always playing catch up to the whimsical changes of the Google algorithm. A major component of being an SEO expert is staying up-to-date with all of the latest trends and changes. Trust us when we tell you that being out of the loop for even a few months can mean falling hopelessly behind the rest of the competition. Keep up with the times by taking a peek at our 2018 guide to organic SEO. Below, we explain this year’s biggest changes in SEO strategy and highlight some of the old tips and tricks that are more important than ever.

Keyword Research and Analysis

The key to any good organic SEO campaign is laying the groundwork for success by performing keyword research and analysis. While this is by no means a new strategy for 2018, it is still the backbone of any good campaign. It’s imperative to know the words and phrases that potential customers are actually using to get the information they need. These magical keywords can unlock unfathomable success, as long as you choose wisely. There are a variety of great online tools that can help any business determine the best keywords that will open the doors for increased website traffic and new customers.

Optimize with the Searcher’s Goal in Mind

One of the big changes that Google has implemented in 2018 is an emphasis on the expectations and desires of the individuals performing a search query. This means making all optimizations to a website with the customer’s end goal in mind. Optimization isn’t just about keywords anymore. It’s also about creating blog posts and website pages that are readable and informative. Focus first on offering content that meets the needs of the searcher rather than focusing solely on keyword rankings and conversions. The more you inform, educate, and entertain, the more likely potential customers are to come back to your site again and again. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes when making optimizations and creating content.

High-Quality Content That Has a Clear Purpose

As the Google algorithm becomes smarter, it can better analyze content for quality. This makes it especially important in 2018 to create content that is readable, interesting, and of superior quality. It’s also crucial to have a clear goal and purpose in mind with each piece of content. No longer will the sheer quantity of content on a website ensure a high Google ranking. You’ll be most successful with website content that clearly answers questions, entertains, and has a high readability rating.

Mobile-First Optimizations for Smartphones

In 2018, owning a smartphone is the norm. As more and more individuals perform the majority of their search queries on smartphones, Google is making the necessary adjustments by introducing a mobile-first index. This drastic change means that Google will primarily use the mobile version of a website for its search engine index. Therefore, in addition to prioritizing mobile design and user experience, you’ll want to perform all optimizations with the mobile experience in mind.

Focus on Site Speed with Fast-Loading Pages

As mobile search becomes the primary means of driving traffic, it’s essential to prioritize the speed of your website. The loading speed and time on a mobile device not connected to WiFi can be much slower than a desktop, and if you’re not paying attention to your site’s loading times, you could be driving customers away. There is no easier way to lose a potential customer than by making them wait for a website that refuses to load in a timely fashion.

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