March 2018

February 2018

Digital Marketing Strategy for the Dental Industry: Attract New Patients


A quality, robust digital marketing campaign is the key to attracting new dental patients and retaining the ones you already have. Today, potential patients are turning to the Internet for information about providers, dental conditions, and more. Take a look below at 8 must-have digital marketing practices for dentists in 2018.

January 2018

Are you Findable? Basic SEO Tips for Small Businesses


As a business owner, you’ve made sure to check off every little detail on your to-do list before opening your doors to the public. But how many of those items on your checklist pertained to your business’s digital presence? Every business should have a robust social media and SEO strategy in place. That's why we’ve compiled a few key tips that any small business can use.

Content is King: Why Quality Content is an Essential Part of SEO


Search Engine Optimization used to be a game of sly tricks and brazen shortcuts. SEO experts worked tirelessly pulling rabbits out of hats and cards from up their sleeves, doing everything necessary to pull one over on innocent old Google. But it’s time to pack up the magic wand because those days are gone. Today, content is king in SEO.

Local SEO Strategy: How to Outrank Your Competitors


Think about the last time you grabbed your phone and searched for a nearby gas station, restaurant, or nail salon. You probably tapped the first listing that popped up and either got turn-by-turn directions or contacted the business to get more information. What felt like a natural process for you was actually the result of a well-planned local SEO strategy designed to generate new customers.

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