Content is King: Why Quality Content is an Essential Part of SEO

Brandon Keller   •   January 24, 2018

Search Engine Optimization used to be a game of sly tricks and brazen shortcuts. SEO experts worked tirelessly pulling rabbits out of hats and cards from up their sleeves, doing everything necessary to pull one over on innocent old Google. But it’s time to pack up the magic wand because those days are gone. Today, content is king in SEO.

Google’s Search Algorithm Has Evolved

Keyword stuffing and other old-school SEO tricks worked in the past because Google’s algorithm was not “smart” enough to see through these strategies. However, in the last few years, the algorithm has become so complex and intelligent that deception is no longer possible. Now, Google scans like a user, trying to find websites that are interesting and that feature new and exciting information. This evolution has changed the focus of SEO and crowned content as its new king.

Constantly Producing Content Brings in Search Traffic

The work never stops when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. In order to rank highly in search results, it is essential for companies to constantly produce new and relevant content. A lapse in content production will cause Google to see the website as old, stale, and possibly abandoned, resulting in a drop in keyword rankings. This is why any SEO strategy should include at least one monthly blog. Blogs do double duty by letting Google know that your website is still living and breathing, and by informing or entertaining your target audience.

Quality is Key for Content Creation

Just belching out blogs, articles, and web pages at an absurdly rapid rate isn’t enough for the fussy Google gods. The content has to be quality, prime, grade-A, top-notch stuff. It’s also not enough to just regurgitate the same information over and over, hoping to jump up the keyword rankings. Content has to be unique, insightful, and engaging in order to get the intended benefits. If you do attempt to slap some dull, poorly written content up, Google may actually penalize you by lowering your rankings for certain keywords. The best way to please the Google gods is to have an abundance of fresh, quality content that’s written by an experienced and talented writer and updated regularly.

Reader Digital Agency Specializes in Quality SEO Content

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