5 Key Digital Marketing Strategies for Medical Spas in 2018

Courtney Browne  •   Month 31, 2018

Medical spas may involve medical care and licensed medical professionals, but as a form of elective healthcare, they don’t fall into the same category as most healthcare providers. The services and treatments provided by medical spas are not as familiar to the general public, and they also tend to appeal to a certain kind of patient with unique motivations and higher expectations for care. As such, a digital marketing strategy for medical spas requires a different approach compared to other healthcare providers.

Understand Your Unique Target Audience

Most healthcare insurance does not cover elective treatments, so patients paying out of pocket for medical spa services typically have much higher standards compared to other healthcare treatments. Medical spa clients expect the best, especially in the area of customer service, so the first step in understanding your target audience is figuring out how to fulfill their needs.

Keep in mind that medical spa services are geared toward solving a client’s problem: debilitating stress, chronic pain, feeling physically inadequate or unattractive, and other conditions that require an empathetic approach to marketing. Developing a strong, recognizable, refined brand that demonstrates your understanding of your target audience and promises an above-average experience? backed up with positive reviews and client testimonials?will set you apart from the competition.

Local SEO

Potential medical spa clients are known to research treatments and providers almost exclusively online, so it’s crucial to ensure your business shows up in the first few listings for local medical spas. To help boost your ranking, claim all your local listings and customize them regularly with an updated name, address, phone number, and photos so potential clients find your business right away.

Invest in a Professional Website

Visitors who find you in an internet search will judge your business based on the professionalism of your website, so make sure you provide a visually appealing, informative, and user-friendly experience. A high-quality website will include:

  • SEO friendly content (especially the homepage)
  • Easy-to-find contact information on every landing page
  • An attractive, easily navigable layout
  • Functions that allow clients to book appointments online or request consultations
  • Clearly stated benefits your business has to offer
  • Statements indicating why you’re superior to the competition
  • A personable “About” page introducing the staff
  • A comprehensive list of services and pricing information
  • Special offers or discounts
  • Educational and relevant content

Visitors might not spend much time on your site on their first visit, so it’s important to grab their attention right away and give them a reason to return.

Use Social Media

Social Media is one of the best ways to attract new medical spa patients because it’s personal, budget-friendly, and effective at reaching a broad yet targeted audience when done right. Medical spa marketing through social media can involve passive or active promotion strategies, and inspiring engagement through compelling and informative posts boosts your reputation with every “like” and “share.” Paying for ads on social media platforms is another great option for exposure, but having a fundamentally engaging business page for clients to follow is key.

Partner with Local Businesses

Medical spas are a niche category of the healthcare industry, but the services they provide fall into the rather broad category of health and wellbeing. Fortunately, this can lead to networking and cross-promotional opportunities with non-competitive local businesses that share the same ideals and overlapping clientele, including health food stores, holistic medicine practitioners, chiropractors, and hairdressers. As a bonus, their clients will be more likely to try your services based on the recommendation of a business they trust.

Partner with Reader Digital Agency

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