Facebook Lead Ads: How to Get Leads That Actually Convert

Natalie Andrews  •   December 15, 2017

Facebook Lead Ads

You’ve seen big businesses advertise across Facebook with limitless budgets and colossal production costs. However, if we’re being honest, most local businesses don’t have the time and expertise to commit to a national social media campaign. What small businesses should be focusing on is gaining a steady number of quality leads in the vicinity of their location.

Facebook Lead Ads not only direct traffic to your website, but they also collect valuable information from local Facebook users who are interested in your product or service. This information could be used for a number of your business’ goals, such as booking an appointment, signing up for a newsletter or even getting a personalized quote.

Here are our tips and tricks for getting leads in both quality and quantity:

Create Multiple Audiences in the Ad Set

Facebook Lead Ads are separated into three categories: the Campaign, the Ad Set and the Ads. When beginning your Lead Generation campaign and choosing your the “Lead Generation” objective, you’ll be prompted to set your budget, date range and audience. The budget should be dependent on the size of your audience and the length of time the Lead Ad will be running. The larger the audience you want to reach, the larger your budget should be. For small businesses, focus on areas that you’d like potential customers to be living in, and then expand these regions as time goes on.

When deciding on the type of audience you want to target, focus only on interests that relate to the Lead Ad you are running. Targeting on Facebook is all about testing and retargeting audiences to see what type of audience garners the highest amount of interest and leads. If you still aren’t seeing results, we recommend creating a Lookalike Audience, which finds additional users similar to your Ad’s audience who might be interested in your promotion. Similarly, you can also create Custom Audiences for users who might have opened the ad, but didn’t submit the form (which is a great resource for retargeting). The main key to creating an audience is making sure that you are reaching new users without breaking the bank.

Reach the Right People with Lead Ad Placement

You may think that having your ads on every viable channel on Facebook is best (such as on desktop, mobile, instant articles and various feeds). However, according to Facebook’s Q4 Financial stats of 2015, 90% of Facebook users use the platform daily via mobile.Always take into account that mobile is king when it comes to advertising on Facebook, especially when creating the actual ads themselves. Once you create the ads, you have the option of advertising solely on Facebook, or expanding your reach to the realm of Instagram. Again, it’s all about testing to see what works best for your type of business.

Make Sure Your Ads are Straightforward

Over multiple rounds of testing, the most successful ads are usually the ones with headers that are clear, concise and straight to the point. For example, if your business is offering a discount on a monthly subscription service, your headline should say “15% Off Your ____ Subscription,” followed by details in the text box prompting users to submit their information. Once the preview of your ad looks user friendly, try adding a couple of variations of the ad with different photos to see which one performs best.

The form that users submit their information to is also crucial. It’s best practice to keep the form short, yet informational. The name and email are provided by Facebook, but it might also be necessary to ask for a phone number, as well as any open-ended questions to help narrow down and target the right people.

Consider Subscribing to a CRM Software

Although not always necessary, we highly recommend subscribing to a CRM software that automatically collects leads from Facebook and delivers them by email, SMS text, Google Drive, and hundreds of other software applications. The faster you are able to reach out to users who submitted their information, the higher the chance of increasing your conversion rate.

It may seem daunting at first to start your own Facebook Lead Ad, but we suggest starting small and building up your audience and budget for maximum results. If you still aren’t seeing results, Reader Digital Agency in San Diego is here to help! Contact us here so we can help you build your clientele and get quality leads you’ve been searching for.