How to Generate More Leads for Rehab & Treatment Centers

Natalie Andrews  •   May 01, 2018

For people who are struggling with their sobriety, the first step in the search for help often occurs online, with a quick Google search of the phrase “rehab near me.” Google AdWords has long been a way to help treatment centers boost their visibility and appear at the top of those search results. But, recently, Google AdWords has put restrictions on the types of rehab and treatment center ads they are willing to show to users.

If you’re in the rehab industry, these restrictions may have gotten in the way of your marketing campaign. The good news is, Reader Digital can help you get your message across to potential customers and patients without using Google AdWords. Read on to find out how you can improve your addiction treatment marketing campaign.

Think about getting social for addiction treatment lead generation

An impressive and well-thought-out SEO strategy will work wonders for your business in the long run. But if you’re looking for immediate results, Facebook Lead Ads may be your best bet.

Facebook Lead Ads give marketers the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of Facebook users in a specific location over a certain period of time, while also catering to their core demographics, such as interests, financial backgrounds, and behaviors. If you want to learn how to set up a Lead Ad on Facebook, take a look at our previous blog post about initial setup procedures.

Define Your Audience

When creating an audience for your Lead Ad, consider the types of patients you often see walking through your doors. For example, if your typical customers only use Medicaid or other government insurance programs, that’s important to note in the audience section. Facebook also allows creators to include financial demographics, purchase behavior, and much more, but defining an audience that is neither too broad nor too specific will be beneficial when adjusting the audience for future campaigns.

Potential patients aren’t the only audience to consider when building a Facebook Lead Ad; it’s also important to think about family members of those patients. When creating ads, we suggest separating ad sets to target either potential patients or their family members.

Strategize Your Placements

Lead Ads give advertisers the option to choose how users will view the ads. For example, will they see them on:

  • Facebook or Instagram?
  • Mobile or Desktop?
  • iPhone or Android?

Knowing your potential audience is the key to understanding which platform they may be using most frequently. Instagram, for instance, targets users on the younger side, while Facebook generally appeals to an older audience.

The timing of ads is also crucial to their effectiveness. After years of successfully tracking ads in the addiction treatment industry, we’ve noticed that many leads come in during the evening and even throughout the night. That’s why it’s so important to have Lead Ads running continuously around the clock, instead of on a schedule during the daylight hours.

Refine Your Ads

Since it’s typically assumed that most users won’t go directly to Facebook to find rehab suggestions, advertisers must know how to grab their attention with eye-catching graphics, as well as how to present a clear message persuading them to fill out a form with their personal information. Facebook offers a tool to help businesses receive leads that are focused on either a higher volume or on a higher lead quality (as shown below):

The two most important aspects of an eye-catching Lead Ad are the headline and the photo, which should clearly explain why users should fill out the form. A clear understanding of what you’re advertising makes it more likely for a user to press submit. To maximize leads, we suggest keeping the form short and succinct by asking solely for the user’s name, phone number, email address, and/or city.

Accelerate Your Response Time

Facebook has suggested that the quicker you respond to a lead, the higher the chance the lead will convert. Setting up a CRM system for your business that automatically pulls Lead Ad information from Facebook will make it much easier to reach out to potential patients in a timely manner.

Want more information about getting leads for treatment centers?

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