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Meet the Team

The Reader Digital Agency is a team of driven individuals all united by a common goal to help local businesses thrive. After more than four decades in the community, we’ve forged a special connection with each and every one of our clients. Whether we’re buying a meal, getting a haircut, or fixing a cavity, these personal relationships cultivate a strong dedication and love that is hard to overstate.

At Reader Digital Agency, we strive for a fun and collaborative company culture fueled by parking lot parties, weekly department powwows, and an environment that empowers everyone to speak up whenever a new idea strikes. Our office isn’t just a collection of individuals, but a close-knit team that spends almost as much time together outside the office as we do working hard for our clients.


You will find Jessica out and about throughout San Diego, whether it be hiking with her dogs, attending a concert, or checking out other awesome local events. A true dual-threat talent, Jessica has tremendous ability in both the creative aspects of art and the tech savvy needed for computers, finding a perfect combination of both in graphic design.


“If you are gracious, you have won the game.” This Stevie Nicks quote perfectly encapsulates Natalie’s aura, a kind and respectful individual that has truly won the game. Living the good life in Mission Beach, she is a volleyball ace who digs diving into the SD culinary scene. A social media savant, Natalie is passionate about helping build brands for businesses.


The office fashionista, Veronica has a love for all things fashion, health, and beauty, and it shows! She also finds it unfathomable as a San Diego native that other people have to live in a place where it gets colder than 50°F. Veronica is passionate about working with a diverse array of businesses, helping them to establish their voice as a company.


Daniela is someone who refuses to give up, no matter the odds. She brings her tireless work ethic to every task, be it SEO or her passion for salsa dancing! While she may be over 6,600 miles from her hometown of Sofia, Bulgaria, she has quickly found a new home at Reader Digital, developing an affinity for the diversity of projects she gets to tackle.


A Miami transplant, Matt has embraced life in Southern California, living in Tijuana for a few years and still frequently making his way south of the border to enjoy the food and culture. Matt appreciates working at Reader Digital, finding the perfect avenue to channel his creativity by discovering outside the box solutions to tough problems.


Video production requires a bevy of skills. You must be passionate about music, a crafty wordsmith, have an eye for composition, and be well versed in movies, TV and pop culture. It just so happens that playing music, watching shows and movies, writing, and documenting pretty stuff happen to be Dan’s favorite things, making him one of the lucky few whose job is his passion.