National Culinary School

Who They Are

National Culinary School is a Culinary Arts School based in La Mesa, California. They specialize in the Culinary Arts as well as the Baking/Pastry Arts. National Culinary School is dedicated to professional Culinary training in the hospitality and service industry.

Their Goal

National Culinary School was struggling to fill both their Culinary Arts Classes and Baking/Pastry Arts classes with students. They were competing with other competitive culinary arts schools in San Diego and needed to increase their organic ranking for culinary Arts and Baking/Pastry Arts keywords to bring more students into the programs.

Our Strategy

  • Web Design

  • Organic SEO

Build a new website aimed to increase organic traffic and user experience. With a new state of the art website, we can then optimize the website to target core keywords and drive traffic to main service pages.

How We Executed

We built a new professional looking website for National Culinary School that is easy to navigate and targets students in San Diego looking to sign up for culinary classes. Throughout the website we added application forms for visitors to sign up for a culinary program.  We also optimized National Culinary Schools website to show up on local listings for the San Diego area on Google and other search directories.




The new website for National Culinary School launched in Month 1.

MONTH 14 vs. MONTH 26:

Organic sessions increased by 41.7%

New users increased by 82.5%

Lead generation increased by 53%

Organic leads via calls and application submissions increased over 144.44%

In Month 26, organic traffic had the highest sessionsleadsnew users, and goal conversion rate.

What the Client Has to Say About It

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