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Project Description

San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic

Who They Are

San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic is a private practice and med spa located in La Mesa and led by gynecologist Dr. Parvin Mani. Dr. Mani specializes in anti-aging and cosmetic procedures including injectables, laser hair removal, feminine rejuvenation and body contouring.

Their Goal

When she began her campaign back in 2014, Dr. Mani’s goal was to establish a digital presence and receive qualified leads through a number of different mediums. Although she did have a pre-existing website, it wasn’t being utilized to its fullest potential and was outdated.

Our Strategy

  • Web Design

  • Social Media

  • Content Creation

In the beginning of the campaign, the team worked on creating and optimizing SD Cosmetic Laser’s presence digitally. This included optimizing a Google My Business profile and submitting citations, rebuilding her website, posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels, and blogging monthly. The Reader Digital team also created artwork and sent out monthly eblasts to her mailing list. Eventually, the list of keywords she was ranking for grew, increasing traffic to the website and ultimately producing a higher volume of qualified leads.

How We Executed

Throughout Dr. Mani’s nearly four years with Reader Digital Agency, her campaign has evolved to meet the needs of her growing business. An aggressive social media budget allows her to reach thousands of potential new clients monthly with targeted ads promoting specials and new services. A monthly eblast is sent out to her list of mailing list subscribers, offering special discounts and announcements, and is tracked consistently with monthly reports. Quarterly photoshoots, as well as web development hours, allow her site to always look fresh and be functioning at its highest capacity. Finally, an aggressive blogging strategy ensures new, keyword-rich is being added to her site weekly.




SEO optimizations and 4 blogs/month have helped Dr. Mani’s website increase in the number of keywords it’s ranking for every year. The more keywords you rank for and that appear on the first page of Google search results, the better the chance you have at increasing traffic to your website and collecting leads.

In just three years, SD Cosmetic Laser’s organic website traffic grew by 315%, with a 40% increase in new sessions and 481% increase in new users. More people were finding Dr. Mani’s site through Google organically, and more of those people were first time visitors who had never been to the site before. The increase of keywords had a direct correlation with increasing her organic traffic.

Through tracking numbers and monthly reports, Reader Digital was able to examine which sources produced the most leads, and share that valuable information with the client. Leads include organic, social media and eblast phone calls, as well as forms submitted through the website. October 2017 was Dr. Mani’s best month on record since starting her practice — her schedule was packed with new patient consultations and her phone was ringing off the hook!

An aggressive social media strategy helped establish Dr. Mani’s practice online, as well as start capturing leads. Weekly posts advertise specials, Botox parties, and lifestyle pictures taken from their photoshoot. Reviews through social media were monitored and responded to. By posting engaging content, Dr. Mani’s Facebook page likes have grown by more than 849% in three years.

What the Client Has to Say About It

Dr. Parvin Mani talks about her experience working with Reader Digital Agency.

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