Social Media Marketing for Restaurants
Case Study

Puerto La Boca
Who They Are

Puerto La Boca is a traditional Argentinian restaurant with world class Argentinian steaks, a wide selection of seafood and an extensive wine list. Its location in San Diego’s Little Italy combines the very best of Argentinian and Italian cuisine. Guests can enjoy Happy Hour on the outdoor patio or experience date night accompanied by live Latin American music.

Their Goal

Increase brand awareness of Puerto La Boca in Little Italy and surrounding San Diego neighborhoods, focus on higher traffic from social media to the website, aim for an increase in calls for reservations, showcase their classic Argentinian cuisine, and increase attendance at live music events. 

Our Strategy

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Photography

We wanted to showcase the restaurant’s unique and colorful cuisine. This would mean sending our photographers out to take high-quality, professional photos that we could use on Facebook and Instagram. Then, we would identify Puerto la Boca’s niche demographic in and around Little Italy and target our content to them.

How We Executed

Our photoshoots focused on the traditional Argentinian cuisine, as well as traditional cocktails and various labels of wine. We used bright lighting and high quality cameras to bring the flavors of the steaks, empanadas, pastas and more to life.

We used a promotion strategy on Facebook to target an audience from their 20’s to 50’s whose interests included dating, marriage, date nights, Latin American food and music, wine, steakhouses and more. We even started creating weekly events to engage with locals who might attend the live music events. On Instagram, we followed locals, restaurants in and around Little Italy, neighborhoods in San Diego, and tourist spots in San Diego to increase our brand presence, as well as engage with these profiles on a weekly basis.


72% increase in Facebook page likes
186%  increase in Instagram followers

522% increase in Facebook likes
7,624% increase in Instagram followers

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More of Our Happy Customers